Something Deranged but Nothing Unsound

For some reason, the number 1 met the number 2 and we thought they became 3. Hola! They became 12. The glances started, then stalks and the dating idea took place. The tunes became more melodious. The rhythm was even finer. The conversations went livelier than ever and no more fake stories. Seems like a fairytale, isn’t it? Yes, we know how important it is to meet someone with same frequency with whom you connect well. It is even better to talk to someone who shares eccentricity with you, who likes what you think, who feels what you say.

In the middle of the night, with the pen and paper, we started jotting down some random ideas. With those ideas, we started scribbling and that is how ‘MAD DATES’ happened. We don’t want to call ourselves ‘just a dating app’. We want you to meet and mingle. We want you to feel free so that you share conversations which you have never ever shared before. Ever thought how beautiful it is unfold your own thoughts and tell someone casually about it? We want you to genuinely feel it from the bottom of your heart.

We get one life. Enjoy it to the fullest. Play pranks. Poke someone. Meet new people.

Talk to the person you like and admire. Share freely. Tell the person you like him or her.

Laugh, enjoy, lunch and dine with whom you want to.

Find ‘a partner in crime’. Annoy someone and win the heart.

Cook together and don’t forget to make a wonderful coffee for that ‘someone’.

Who knows you get to meet your soulmate? Ofcourse, even we don’t know. Because it is all about MAD DATES.

To find that someone, log on to www.MAD we are coming up with best features, a dating app can have ever have. Stay tuned.

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