Trends in 2021: Healthcare and Digital Marketing

The role of digital marketing in healthcare industry is going to be much more than ever, with Covid-19 bringing a lot of uncertainties. The overall scenario of healthcare industry has taken a 360-degree turn. The whole healthcare industry has been trying to integrate the digital solutions with it to create a maximum impact.

2021 will be more about creating a customer journey with care, by engaging the patient/customer with various kinds of marketing platforms. Here are 5 reasons why digital marketing is essential for healthcare.

Telehealth will stay for longer

Those who are already in healthcare sector, it is the right time for them to invest in digital marketing for telehealth. It will help them reach a maximum number of users by making patients more informed about the services. The first step here is to build an inviting and professional website which has all the information a patient needs.

Online Patient Reviews Will be Important

With digital marketing carving out a niche in healthcare segment, online reviews are really getting important. They create an influence towards doctor or hospital’s brand. It boosts the local search rankings. According to, 60 percent of consumers need to read four or more reviews before forming an opinion.

Search Engine Optimisation will bring Trustworthiness

Patients can only reach you when you are visible. Your healthcare business should be visible online. Your website should be rank high at the Search Engine page, here comes the role of Search Engine Optimisation. Most of the users just see the 1st page of Google search. The SEO campaign is important to optimise the content and serves the purpose. Before finalising a decision, people find all the medical related information and test the specific features.

Healthcare app is ruling the year 2021

To provide quick and quality services to the patients, the healthcare providers are investing in mobile application. This will create much more engagement with patients. The patients will also get reliable and needed information in a fast-forward manner. A lot of health apps are being launched every day, but unfortunately most of them cannot meet the user expectations. Most of the patients are looking to fix an appointment, access to their medical records, and find online prescriptions through the app.

Mobile traffic has grown 7-fold

According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, 58 percent of the surveyed mobile app users had downloaded at least one mobile health app. People who own smart phones, have mobile apps which are focussed on providing information and updates related to health and fitness.

Those healthcare providers who are able to deploy digital marketing, gain much more visibility. If you are a healthcare provider, contact us. We will let you know the best ways of incorporating digital marketing in healthcare.



How is Internet Marketing Making the Difference?

Internet marketing is going to rule the world for the next upcoming years. Why? Because it has made things easier than ever for businesses and everyone around.  Whether it is a small business, internet marketing is important.  All of us have a ‘digital life’ now. With the technology getting upgraded every day, we can unleash the benefits of discoveries happening around us. It is a contribution of internet marketing that we can promote our brand through website, app and social media channels.  All the trends are just available to us just in a click. Internet marketing is imperative across the sectors.

How is Internet Marketing creating Impact?

For marketing, it is difficult to go with the traditional marketing routes. It is easier with digital or internet marketing because you can measure and track the success. You can get the marketing insights too by evaluating or assessing your efforts towards the marketing you have done for your products or the services.

 Customers are ordering everything online

One of the Forbes reports showed that most of the consumers are shopping online, which is accelerating the need for digital transformation. The trend of shopping online is not a fad, its not going anywhere. Whether it is a restaurant or a grocery store, people are ordering online. This brings the brands to rethink their digital offerings, so that they give the best experiences to their customers. When the customers need everything online, those brands who have digitally savvy interfaces will reap benefits. 

Brings Two-way communication

It is true. Operating through a digital platform give the brands an opportunity to connect with the audience in a better way. The audience can be the visitors, customers or potential clients. The communication is not just one way; it is bidirectional and two way. When the customers have queries, they can get the contact details from the website. Alternatively, they can also contact you through your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram pages. If they like your product or service, they can also write reviews for your company. In return, you can always thank them for being a good customer in their journey.

Increasing the conversion rates

Social selling is on the rise. You can connect and convert. To make it easier, content marketers are developing the content which is specific and eye catchy, which can create influence in buying decisions. The social media marketers need to track the profiles of their potential clients and offer them the services accordingly. We know that the buyers are spending good time to research about the products which they want to purchase, so if you provide me the right information, you are on the way to crack deal.

Provides Actionable Insights

Your effort towards internet marketing will provide you with actionable insights to track the performance of different strategies which you have chosen. Unlike traditional marketing, it gives you the advantage of promoting your products with low cost of entry. You can always see how your competitors are performing in a particular industry.

It is always advisable to keep up with the latest technological trends. With Internet simplifying the technologies, it is easier for us to reach to the targeted audience as well. The recent trends in internet marketing can make a difference and help you increase the reach of your business.


Top 4 Reasons why You Need a Website for Business?

When you already own a business, website is an essential part of it. It should not be a question whether you need it or not. Everyone who wants to create excellence in business must know how important it is to have a website. Most of the consumers are looking to find the information online because it gives them insights to make smart purchasing decisions.

Website Development has gained importance

Not just any firm, institution or big organization, even individuals go for developing their own website. It describes about your business and mission- be it your company or yourself. In the present scenario, a professional website is the backbone of any business. Your website should be professionally designed to attract people and boost to your sales.

A website can make Your Business Accessible

With a website, you make your business more accessible. People can reach you 24/7, 265 days. They can see what products or services you are selling. You can update about your offerings and people from anywhere can get to know more about your business. With a website, your business is just a click away. People can see where is your company headquartered and can contact if needed. In short, it adds authenticity factor to your business.

Your Virtual Shop Can Increase Brand Awareness

Your website makes your brand more visible which functions as a virtual shop. With your website, people get much more aware about your business. Once you have a website, you can get Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done for your business. SEO helps Google to understand about your website. This way, when people search about the business through internet, Google redirects them to your business website.

A Website Can Bring Potential Clients

If you want potential clients to come to you, you need a functional website to see the products and services you are offering. Through the website, you can showcase the best offer and value propositions you can provide to your future prospects and potential clients. Once they come to your website, they must feel that your product or service is the right choice for them.

Your Virtual Shop Is a Digital Brochure

Gone were the days, where brochure and flyers were distributed in a widespread manner. People want to see everything online. Your websites conveys the message that why your business exists and how does it stands apart from other businesses in the same segment. Website as your business digital brochure shows that you are competitive and stay updated in the ever-changing business environment.

Once you have a well designed website, do not stop there. The website developers and online marketers suggest that we should always keep it updated. You can update about the new services, products, offering and discount. You should also redesign your website whenever required.


Something Deranged but Nothing Unsound

For some reason, the number 1 met the number 2 and we thought they became 3. Hola! They became 12. The glances started, then stalks and the dating idea took place. The tunes became more melodious. The rhythm was even finer. The conversations went livelier than ever and no more fake stories. Seems like a fairytale, isn’t it? Yes, we know how important it is to meet someone with same frequency with whom you connect well. It is even better to talk to someone who shares eccentricity with you, who likes what you think, who feels what you say.

In the middle of the night, with the pen and paper, we started jotting down some random ideas. With those ideas, we started scribbling and that is how ‘MAD DATES’ happened. We don’t want to call ourselves ‘just a dating app’. We want you to meet and mingle. We want you to feel free so that you share conversations which you have never ever shared before. Ever thought how beautiful it is unfold your own thoughts and tell someone casually about it? We want you to genuinely feel it from the bottom of your heart.

We get one life. Enjoy it to the fullest. Play pranks. Poke someone. Meet new people.

Talk to the person you like and admire. Share freely. Tell the person you like him or her.

Laugh, enjoy, lunch and dine with whom you want to.

Find ‘a partner in crime’. Annoy someone and win the heart.

Cook together and don’t forget to make a wonderful coffee for that ‘someone’.

Who knows you get to meet your soulmate? Ofcourse, even we don’t know. Because it is all about MAD DATES.

To find that someone, log on to www.MAD we are coming up with best features, a dating app can have ever have. Stay tuned.

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How startupindia recognition is benefiting the startups across India?

We are happy to announce that Digicandy Technologies has been recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. India as a country has a rich culture, heritage, and robust trade for ages. With quality products and competitive manufacturing, India is no less than a powerful economy that has its powerhouse of everything. As a country, it is enough resourceful to make things right for every citizen.

The ‘Make in India’ initiative has rigorously encouraged the firms in India to do manufacturing practices which have further promoted the investments in the manufacturing sector. With the motto of ‘Aatmanirbharbharat’, the government does want to deeply integrate the global chains and strengthen India’s manufacturing expertise. The startup Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade registration has its own set of benefits.

India is the 2nd largest9 start-up ecosystem in the world with 18,000+ start-ups recognized by the government till May 2019. To boost up the innovation and start-up in the IT sector, NITI Aayog has also announced the establishment of Frontier Technologies Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) venturing with Amazon Web Services (AWS). (Source: This will take place with the help of advanced technologies like robotics, blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Since there a huge demand for IT services from the US and Europe, it is quite lucrative to capitalize on this. The usage of IT systems has also increased in almost every sector and due to this, the numbers of IT firms are increasing in India.

The startups in India can also get recognized by DPIIT. As per DPIIT, under this initiative, the eligible companies can get recognized as startups by DPIIT through which the firms can have easier compliance, tax benefits and IPR fast-tracking. Through this, the startups in India also get certification from DPIIT. Once a startup is certified by DPIIT, they can self certify themselves for 6 labor laws and 3 environmental laws through simple online procedures. There are certain criteria which need to be met for DPIIT startup recognition.

  • The company must be incorporated as a private limited company, either a registered partnership firm or a Limited liability partnership
  • The annual turnover should not have exceeded for more than 100 crores for any of the financial years since the exception
  • The period of existence and company years should be exceeding more than 10 years since its inception
  • The company must have worked towards the development or improvement of the process and have a scalable business model.

Once any startup in India is recognized by DPIIT, it enjoys benefits like relaxation in public procurement norms. The recognized startups will be entitled to avail exemption on prior turnover and earnest, money deposit. The ministries and departments are authorized to relax norms in public procurements as well. The Startup India also provides access to Intellectual; property services. The process of patent application is done much faster for the recognized startups. The recognized startups are provided 80 % rebate in filing for patents which are very cost-effective. Even if there are IP applications, facilitators are responsible for providing advice on the IPRs. They also advise on how the startups can promote and protect the IPS in different countries. For all this, the startup bears the statutory cost, the rest of the fees, like the fees of facilitators for the patents is borne by the government

There are some recognized startups that get inter-ministerial certificate board, after this, they are exempted from income-tax for 3 years. For the equity funding support, the government has allocated the fund of Rs 10000 crore which is managed by SIDBI. This initiative has been taken to support the growth and innovation of enterprises. With India, the whole world is ready to embrace the vision, “Come make in India. Sell anywhere, [but] make in India”