No-Shave November- Don’t shave for a month

Forget about shaving in November, isn’t it cool? The idea of ‘No-Shave November’ is more convenient this year now because most of us are working from home and it is easier to manage the bearded look. Those who love to flaunt their mustaches and flowing beards can happily continue doing so throughout November. Every year since 2004, men in several countries are rejoicing the unconventional look of ‘No-Shave November’ gloriously.

What is the goal of ‘No-Shave November’? It is simple- don’t save for a month. The campaign was started in 2004 to increase awareness about cancer. When people get affected by cancer, they lose their hairs during chemotherapy sessions. The foundation of No-Shave November wants people to embrace their valuable hairs. No-Shave November, which is a non-profit organization, aims to increase cancer awareness, raise funds, and support cancer prevention and research.

The No-Shave November was in tradition for a long, but a Chicago-based Hill family decided to reinvent this tradition and that is how the No shave November story started. A good share of the amount is gone in the grooming of beards and mustaches. You can donate this amount to support the cause. This non-for-profit organization wants you to ditch the razors just for a month and donate your shaving monthly expenses to the cause. The foundation puts a good amount of donated dollars for cancer research and provides free information to cancer patients. The donation amount starts from a little amount of $25.Technology has a key role to play when it comes to cancer cure. Prevention is the best thing one can do. The Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud, funded by National Cancer Institute, is all set to explore public datasets like The Cancer Genomics Atlas (TGCA). The TGCA is one of the richest datasets which has 3 different tumor types or subtypes, comprising thousands of patients. The Oregon Health and Science University along with Intel has developed a collaboration of Cancer cloud to work towards curing cancer. It is one of the most brilliant collaborations so far, which is made to work on curing cancer with the help of cloud collaboration.

The DNA alterations which drive the growth of a specific tumor are being identified by Advanced Genomic Testing. This works by providing information about genomic mutations that are usually unique to the growth of any specific tumor. The increased patient participation along with the involvement of big data analytics will certainly provide a big help to combat the deadly disease cancer. Along with the advancement in genomics and sequencing, the treatments are going to be more precise and better. The first and foremost thing is the gather data related to the cancer patients which will take place by encouraging the cancer patients to contribute more. If the patients register for clinical trials, it would provide a better way to contact the potential patients for research.

Make the most of No-Shave November today. After October is dedicated as Breast Cancer Awareness month, November is focused on cancer and men’s health awareness- testicular, prostate, and colon cancers. The No-Shave November foundation and Movember Foundation have been able to raise funds to support the research and awareness for cancer. So, men- put down your scissors, razors, and clippers for the rest of the month.