Trends in 2021: Healthcare and Digital Marketing

The role of digital marketing in healthcare industry is going to be much more than ever, with Covid-19 bringing a lot of uncertainties. The overall scenario of healthcare industry has taken a 360-degree turn. The whole healthcare industry has been trying to integrate the digital solutions with it to create a maximum impact.

2021 will be more about creating a customer journey with care, by engaging the patient/customer with various kinds of marketing platforms. Here are 5 reasons why digital marketing is essential for healthcare.

Telehealth will stay for longer

Those who are already in healthcare sector, it is the right time for them to invest in digital marketing for telehealth. It will help them reach a maximum number of users by making patients more informed about the services. The first step here is to build an inviting and professional website which has all the information a patient needs.

Online Patient Reviews Will be Important

With digital marketing carving out a niche in healthcare segment, online reviews are really getting important. They create an influence towards doctor or hospital’s brand. It boosts the local search rankings. According to, 60 percent of consumers need to read four or more reviews before forming an opinion.

Search Engine Optimisation will bring Trustworthiness

Patients can only reach you when you are visible. Your healthcare business should be visible online. Your website should be rank high at the Search Engine page, here comes the role of Search Engine Optimisation. Most of the users just see the 1st page of Google search. The SEO campaign is important to optimise the content and serves the purpose. Before finalising a decision, people find all the medical related information and test the specific features.

Healthcare app is ruling the year 2021

To provide quick and quality services to the patients, the healthcare providers are investing in mobile application. This will create much more engagement with patients. The patients will also get reliable and needed information in a fast-forward manner. A lot of health apps are being launched every day, but unfortunately most of them cannot meet the user expectations. Most of the patients are looking to fix an appointment, access to their medical records, and find online prescriptions through the app.

Mobile traffic has grown 7-fold

According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, 58 percent of the surveyed mobile app users had downloaded at least one mobile health app. People who own smart phones, have mobile apps which are focussed on providing information and updates related to health and fitness.

Those healthcare providers who are able to deploy digital marketing, gain much more visibility. If you are a healthcare provider, contact us. We will let you know the best ways of incorporating digital marketing in healthcare.